September News

Student Information Form

Students will receive a “Student Information Form” from me on the first day of school.  Please fill out the form and return it to me by the second day of school.


Water Bottles

Please provide your child with a fresh bottle (re-usable) of water each day. 



Please provide your child with enough healthy snack food (separate from lunch) for the entire school day.  If your child is part of the school snack program please send a snack for your child to eat in the afternoon since the school snack program only provides students with a morning snack.   


No Nuts/Nut Products

Please take care not to include nuts/nut products (i.e., Nutella, peanut butter, granola bars with nuts) when packing food for your child to eat at school.  Any food resembling nut products (i.e., Wow butter) should be labelled with a sticker or accompanied by note explaining what it is.  Any questionable food will be removed from the classroom immediately.


Library Books/Bags

Our class will visit the school Library once every week, in the afternoon.  The exact day is TBA.  Only students who have returned their previously borrowed books will be allowed to borrow new books.  Your child’s new library books/bag will not go home until the following school day.

Indoor Shoes

Please ensure your child has indoor shoes to change into at school (outdoor shoes/boots will be kept in the hallway).  Shoes with Velcro straps are encouraged unless your child is able to tie his/her own shoelaces independently.  Please have your child practice taking his/her shoes off and putting his/her shoes on independently at home.  Students will be expected to take off their shoes in the hallway before entering the classroom and be able to put their dry indoor shoes on independently.  It would also be helpful if your child’s shoes were labelled with his/her name on them.  Finally, please explain to your child that his/her indoor shoes should remain at school for the entire school year.  It can be quite challenging for students and the teacher to try to fit shoes, lunch bags, etc. into backpacks at the end of each school day.



Daily homework involves reading to your child, reading with your child and/or listening to your child read.  I have also provided links to a variety of websites to use at your discretion that focus on language and math activities to help you support your child in their explorations of the various math concepts we will be covering this school year.


Classroom Reading Program

Leveled reading books will be sent home on a weekly basis throughout the school year.  Please have your child practice reading these books with you on a daily basis.  For information on helping your child read, visit the homepage and click on “Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home”. 

Borrowed books must be returned every Monday and new books will be sent home every Tuesday.

Each Monday your child is responsible for & will be reminded to put his/her borrowed books/zip-lock bag into the bin on the table beside the classroom door.  Your child will not receive new books until his/her borrowed books have been returned.

Physical and Health Education

Students must be appropriately dressed for physical education class with comfortable clothing and running shoes.