Reading together

Reading to your child

  • Provides many opportunities for your child to hear the language of books and the structure of stories

Reading with your child

  • Provides support and encouragement for your child to read independently

Listening to your child read

  • Provides opportunities to develop fluency
  • Your encouragement and interest will support reading development and foster a life-long interest in stories and books

Talk about the stories you have shared together

  • Talking about stories will help your child develop and extend comprehension skills


Before reading:

  • Talk about the author and familiar stories by the author
  • Talk about the title and the cover illustrations
  • Encourage your child to make predictions about what the story will be about
  • Talk about what you already know about the topic (non-fiction)

During Reading:

  • Encourage your child to predict what will happen next
  • Ask open-ended questions such as “Why is …
  • Encourage the reading/use of features in the book such as charts, diagrams, table of contents and glossary (non-fiction books)

After Reading:

  • Encourage your child to talk about events, characters, and ideas in the story and relate to personal experiences, another story, or something happening in the world around us
  • Encourage your child to express opinions about the book
  • Talk about what you learned from the book (non-fiction)