Reading Comprehension Strategies

The following is a list of strategies you can encourage your child to engage in before, during, & after reading which will help support them in understanding what they read


Activate Prior Knowledge (e.g., “What do I know about this topic, author, or genre?”)

Make Connections (e.g., “This part of the story reminds me of …another book, a personal

experience, historical/current world events.”)

Ask Questions (e.g., “I wonder if…?”, “What would happen if?”)

Make Predictions (e.g.,” I think …. will happen next because ….”,  “I think he/she will…. because….”)

Visualize (e.g., “This description really helped me create a mental image.”)

Monitor for Understanding (e.g., “That part/word didn’t make sense. I’m going to reread it.”)

Infer (e.g.,” Why did that happen?”, “The author/text doesn’t tell me …”,  “I think ….because….”)

Analyze (e.g.” I can identify facts, the main idea and supporting details.”)

Synthesize (e.g., “ To summarise …..”, “The main things I found out about were …”,  “The book was about …”,  “The author’s message was …”, “The most important thing I learned was….”)

Evaluate/Determine important ideas (e.g., (“My opinion is  …. because… I believe that ….because…”).