October News

October Classroom News


We are looking forward to enjoying Halloween on Monday, October 31.  Students are invited to wear their Halloween costumes to school if they wish (please leave toy weapons at home).

Just a reminder, if you choose to send food/treats to be shared, please ensure that they are nut free and that there is enough for each student. There are 20 students in our class.


Reminder: Please send indoor shoes to school

Please ensure your child has indoor shoes to change into at school (wet & muddy outdoor shoes/boots will be kept in the hallway).  Shoes with Velcro straps are encouraged unless your child is able to tie his/her own shoelaces independently.  Please have your child practice taking his/her shoes off and putting his/her shoes on independently at home since that will be the expectation at school.  It would also be helpful if your child’s shoes were labelled with his/her name on them.  Finally, please explain to your child that his/her indoor shoes should remain at school for the entire school year.  It can be quite challenging for students and teachers to try to fit shoes, lunch bags, etc. into backpacks at the end of each school day.


Scholastic Book Orders

Beginning this month, I will be sending home scholastic book order forms on a monthly basis.  If you are interested in purchasing any books, please return the order form to me by the due date stamped at the top of the form.  Payments for the items/books can be made online or you can attach a cheque to your order form when you hand it in.

Scholastic Introductory Letter for Parents

Scholastic Step-by-Step guide for Parents



I will be sending home an alphabetized list of words that primary students are expected to be able to read and spell correctly over time. You can encourage your child to refer to the word list when spelling words at home.  The words can also be written on blank cards in order to play games such as Memory or Go Fish to help support word recognition and spelling.


Extra Snack

Please send an afternoon snack for your child each day.  Students are hungry by the afternoon and the school snack program only supplies food for the morning.