November News

November Classroom News


Parent/Teacher Interviews

I will be sending an interview request form home with your child this month in order to setup a meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress at school. The Parent/teacher interviews are approximately 15 minutes long and will be held on Thursday, November 17th in the evening from 4:00-7:45pm and Friday, November 18th in the morning from 8:15-11:15am. Please return the interview request form to me as soon as possible and I will do my best to give you your preferred date and time. 


Inclement Weather at Entry

Please remember that at entry time students should line up for school in the basement of the Duke building during inclement weather.  Please look for our classroom sign on the wall which indicates our meeting spot.  Thank you for your help!


Indoor Shoes

Thank you to those of you who have sent indoor shoes to school for your child to wear. 


Outdoor Clothing

Please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for the weather each day.  It’s getting quite cold now and the students are outside for a considerable amount of time each day for morning, lunch, and afternoon recesses.  I also request that you label your child’s outdoor clothing to make it easier to identify who it belongs to.  In addition, some students are experiencing difficulty zipping up their fall jackets.  At home, please allow your child time to practice how to zip up his/her jacket independently.